SOUTH CAROLINA 100% Organic Cotton Bed Pillow (Chemical-free; Filling Grown & Pillow Handmade in USA)

Vegan 100% organic cotton bed pillow, handmade in USA, with filling 100% grown in USA. Made with 100% organic cotton batting in 100% organic...
from $98.00

KEA LANI Vegan 100% Wild Kapok Bed Pillow (Handmade in USA)

Handmade 100% wild kapok bed pillows with organic cotton ticking / casing. Vegan. Standard, Queen, King Bed Pillows. Soft, Medium, Firm Loft. Optional zipper...
from $64.00

100% Organic Cotton Pillow Barrier Cover (Grown & Handmade in USA) (With GOT-Certified Bio-based Waterproofing, Hidden Metal Zipper)

100% organic cotton pillow barrier protector cover case, with a layer of GOTS-certified bio-based plant waterproofing to safely keep your organic pillow from liquids...
from $34.00

KAUAI Organic Shredded Natural Rubber Latex Pillow (Made in USA)

Rare all-natural rubber bed pillow in 100% organic cotton fabric, handmade in USA. Shredded rubber stays resilient over a long period of time, and...
from $64.00

Organic Pillow Sample / Pin Cushions / Dollhouse Pillows (2”x4”) (USA) (One sample)

Organic pillow samples for you to test out the fill material. Also perfect as organic doll pillow, organic toy pillow, & organic needle /...

ILLINOIS 100% Organic Buckwheat Pillow (Vegan; Filling Grown & Pillow Made in USA)

100% organic buckwheat hulls-filled pillow with 100% organic cotton casing, handmade in USA. Buckwheat pillows are great at regulating sleep-time temperature because of its...
from $33.95

EDGERTON Organic Wool Bed Pillow (Handmade in USA, Organic New Zealand Wool) (Chemical-free)

100% organic wool pillow handmade in USA with 100% certified organic cotton ticking / casing and 100% certified organic New Zealand wool. This all-natural...
from $119.00

EMERYVILLE 100% Organic Cotton Body Pillow (Filling Grown & Pillow Handmade in USA)

100% organic cotton body pillow with filling 100% grown in USA, handmade in USA. It takes a lot of organic materials to stuff our...
from $233.00
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organic throw pillow covers hemp throw pillow covers

BELLE EPOQUE 100% Organic Hemp Knit Sofa Throw Pillow Cover (Plastic-free, Nut Buttons)

Belle Epoque Decorative 100% Organic Hemp Knit Sofa Pillowcase. Coconut buttons. Our organic hemp throw pillow covers are available in vibrant colors that will...

OUTER BANKS Reversible Organic Buckwheat - Wool Combo Bed Pillow (Grown & Handmade in USA)

Combo 100% organic buckwheat hulls / organic wool pillow with organic cotton ticking/casing. Handmade in USA since 1997. Like sleeping with your head on a...
from $52.00

Specialty 100% Organic Pillows (Travel, Sofa, Bolster, Cushions) (Handmade in USA)

Pure 100% organic cotton pillows, organic natural rubber pillows, organic wool pillows, and wild organic kapok pillows handmade in USA in different specialty sizes:...
from $33.00
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hemp pillow 100% hemp pillow

CLOUD NINE 100% Organic Hemp Pillow (Case Included) (4 Sections) (16x11x2)

Unique handmade 100% organically grown hemp pillow in hemp casing with hemp pillowcase. 100% organic hemp fill. Handmade by Rawganique for true sweatshop-free purity. ~...
Sold out
organic hemp pillow hemp pillow

ATLANTIS 100% Hemp Pillow (12 Sections; Case Included)

World's first and only 100% organically grown hemp pillow with hemp ticking and hemp fill! Adjustable loft height per the modular design. Unique. Chemical-free....

OAHU 100% Wild Kapok Contour Pillow (Organic Cotton Casing) (Made in USA)

Vegan 100% wild kapok contour pillow - made from beautifully fluffy, downy raw kapok fibers harvested from wild kapok trees, which are gargantuan tropical...
from $73.00

RODANTHE Organic Shredded Natural Rubber Contour Pillow (Made in USA)

Handmade contour 100% shredded natural rubber pillow, with zipper so you can adjust fill to your liking. Resilient support. 100% organic cotton casing. Our...
from $164.00

Organic Wool Sofa Pillow

- Soft & resilient- Organic cotton casing- Handmade in USA or Canada. Sweatshop-free. - All materials are GOTS certified organic. Hypoallergenic. Chemical-free. Organic Wool Sofa...
from $46.00

VIVRE 100% Organic Cotton Sofa Pillow (Handmade in USA)

Vegan 100% organic cotton sofa pillow and throw pillows, plus living room and bedroom organic cotton bolster pillows and travel pillows, handmade in USA....
from $38.00
Organic 100% Kapok Fiber For Pillows, Toys, Cushion Stuffing  (1-lb.) Organic 100% Kapok Fiber For Pillows, Toys, Cushion Stuffing  (1-lb.)

Organic 100% Kapok Fiber For Pillows, Toys, Cushion Stuffing (1-lb.)

Organic 100% pure natural wild Kapok fiber. Main use is as filling in bed pillows, but it can be used for many other artisan...


We make organic clothing that's safe for you and for the planet. We grow, weave, knit and sew unique organic cotton, linen and hemp products in-house for true purity. Our goal is to make products that are as natural, raw, and untreated as possible. Small by choice since 1997.
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