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VALLOIS 100% Organic Hemp Knit Handkerchief (10x10) (OC Thread)

The perfect disposable facial tissue alternative. 100% organic hemp hankie sewn with organic cotton thread. Soft and absorbent. Save trees and combat Global Warming...

EDINBURGH 100% Organic Hemp Handkerchief (10x10) (OC Thread)

A rare & unique synthetic-free, plastic-free 100% organic hemp handkerchief sewn with organic cotton thread. Natural, unbleached & dye-free. Fine weave - absorbent and...

SHROPSHIRE Hemstitched 100% Organic Linen Handkerchief (10x10) (OC Thread)

Unique 100% organic linen hankie sewn with organic cotton thread. Perfect for the plastic-free lifestyle. Unbleached. Un-dyed. Chemical-free. Natural, Ivory. Washable - no more...
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KENT 100% Organic Prima Cotton Jersey Hankie (OC Thread)

Rare & unique super soft and absorbent 100% organic pima cotton jersey. Sewn with organic cotton thread. Unbleached. Dye-free. Chemical-free. 10" x 10". Great as...

ISLINGTON 100% Organic Linen Knit Handkerchief (10”x10”) (OC Thread) (100% Biodegradable)

Organic linen handkerchief that is 100% biodegradable! The perfect 100% organic linen hankie - soft and fast-drying, reusable over and over, sewn with organic...
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BRANDENBURG 100% Organic Linen Knit Computer Screen Lint Cloth (8x8) (OC Thread, Plastic-free) (100% Biodegradable)

The world's first and only 100% organic linen screen cleaner / lint cloth that's 100% biodegradable, sewn with organic cotton thread. A 100% organic...
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ALEXANDER 100% Organic Linen Woven Screen Lint Cloth (10x10) (OC Thread, Plastic-free)

Sewn with organic cotton thread. Combat Global Warming by living plastic-free as much as possible. Micro-fiber is plastic fiber made from petroleum. Use organic...

LONDONBERRY 100% Organic Linen Knit Wash Cloth - Dish Towel (Plastic-free, No Synthetics) (100% Biodegradable)

100% organic linen knit wash cloth - dish cloth, 100% biodegradable, sewn with organic cotton thread: no plastic, no polyester, no nylon, no PVC,...
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SENECA 100% Organic Hemp Knit Screen Lint Cleaning Cloth (8x8) (OC Thread)

Special 100% organic hemp computer monitor / device / gadget screen wipe cleaning cloth sewn with organic cotton thread. Perfect for the plastic-free lifestyle....


We make organic clothing that's safe for you and for the planet. We grow, weave, knit and sew unique organic cotton, linen and hemp products in-house for true purity. Our goal is to make products that are as natural, raw, and untreated as possible. Small by choice since 1997.
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