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About Rawganique

Luxury from Nature by homesteaders since 1997

Rawganique Mission Statement

Rawganique exists to make the world a better place. Inspired by Thoreau and founded by off-grid island homesteaders in 1997, we offer chemical-free products for the body and home, designed for sustainability and hand-crafted in sweatshop-free ateliers in USA, Canada & Europe, using only organic materials. We believe in kindness to animals, to each other, and to the earth.

Our Products

Rawganique products are unique hand-crafted organic cotton, linen and hemp pieces for the body and home. Our natural textiles are organically grown and made in USA, Canada & Europe by longtime artisans. Rawganique products have been enjoyed by eco-conscious and chemically-sensitive customers and artisans worldwide since 1997.

What is Rawganique?

Sustainable Organic Cotton Linen Hemp Clothing & Eco-Friendly Products

Attention animal lovers, vegans, vegetarians, nature lovers, and MCS and allergy sufferers!

If you've been struggling with finding ethical and pure natural fiber clothing, shoes and organic home products that are chemical-free, dye-free and 100% animal-friendly, you've come to the right place. At Rawganique, we have been growing, weaving, knitting and sewing linen, organic cotton and hemp clothing products, footwear, bed, bath and home products since 1997. We have been the leading innovator in sustainable hemp clothing products for over 27 years - and our hemp wearables and natural fiber chemical-free products have never been more needed than today!

Our sustainably made, eco-friendly, sweatshop-free clothing and home products are aimed directly at those who are chemically sensitive or simply prefer a chemical-free lifestyle, those who seek formaldehyde free and dye free clothing brands, and those who are ethically aware of the chemicals and human rights issues in the garment industry.

None of our products contain PFAS, ever. 

PFAS are in the news owing to the release of the legal thriller 'Dark Waters’ on Nov 22, 2019. And they should be in the news - this is a group of human-made chemicals that accumulate in the environment and our body, do not break down in the body or environment (that's why they are called 'forever chemicals'!), and are claimed to cause cancer, disrupt hormonal function, damage liver and kidney and weaken the immune system, and cause low birth weight and development in infants.

These chemicals are very widespread - they have been found in the blood of virtually every human tested, as well as in Polar Bears in the Arctic. They are found in non-stick cookware coating, food take-out containers, electronics, shampoos, dental flosses, textiles and rugs and a lot more. As so often when something ‘magical’ comes along, the popularity and careless use of these chemicals from the middle of last century is a result of touting of incredible benefits and simultaneous repression of associated dangers. PFAS are used to make textiles stain-resistant and waterproof hold up in frequent commercial washing and drying, and pans non-stick, promising consumers a world of pristine white shirts, new-looking clothing items for years, rain-proof sports and outdoor gear, great convenience in cooking and less time needed to clean cookware, just to name some of the prominent advantages. The potentially lethal disadvantages are only slowly coming into the open years after, when huge profits have been made and much of the irreversible damage has been caused.

Since 1997, Rawganique has created the purest, natural products possible. We have faced the daily struggle of explaining to our customers that natural fiber products will show stains over time, as fibers such as hemp or flax linen have hollow core, and no chemicals such as PFAS are used to seal off the surface openings and render them resistant to oil stains, water proof while still being breathable, wrinkle-proof, survive frequent commercial washing and drying, and the like. What’s too good to be true often isn’t true - getting such glorious benefits can’t come for free, and the associated costs to environment, other living beings, and yourself are staggering.

So yes, we’re proud to say that our products are all-natural, may stain, may lint, may crease, and are not water-proof. We are working on shower curtain liners, for example, using natural rubber coating, but it’s a difficult task while keeping the product completely natural and breathable. In the meantime, we offer our all-natural products without apology - at least they don’t off-gas dangerous substances, and you can let your toddlers play on our pure hemp rugs.

In 1995, Rawganique's founders Thamm and Qeanu — who are both chemically sensitive — went to Denman Island to homestead totally off the grid, rescue animals and grow their own organic foods year-round. They gained passionate followers on their blog who wanted to know where they could find the organic, dye-free clothing, shoes, towels and sheets the founders were using on their homestead.

In 1997, they founded Rawganique to make organic cotton, linen, and hemp wearables of absolute purity for folks who could not find organic allergy-free clothing and shoes. Today, Rawganique still stands alone in seed to sewn: We handcraft our organic cotton, flax linen, and hemp products from start to finish in the U.S.A., Canada and Europe. No China. No India. No sweatshops – ever.

We are not a big business in a big city using sweatshop slave-driving to create products packed with dioxin, formaldehyde and GMOs. We are real, passionate people creating handcrafted clothing and organic products on a small scale. We don't take ‘No’ for an answer when it comes to making natural fiber wearables that are cruelty-free, hypo-allergenic, ethical, and sustainable.

We seek to connect with lovers of fellow beings, animals of all stripes, supporters of sweatshop-free, sustainable clothing with zero tolerance for toxins. We’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.

Happy Rawganique Customers:

"I can only wear your bras, panties, and clothes. Everything else gives me severe rashes. God bless you!" Debbie J.

"Your animal-friendly sweatshop-free products totally reflect my lifestyle! I love wearing hemp and I've been upgrading my whole house to your products. Rock on!" Val S.

"My girlfriend turned me on to your awesome products. She has MCS and only your products are safe for her." Tim B.

"I love to see anything that implies a simpler mode of life and a greater nearness to the earth." Henry David Thoreau

We ship organic clothing worldwide from USA.

Tell Me More About Rawganique's Eco-friendly Organic Products?

We are organic hemp clothing. Not just any hemp, but organic European Hemp. We are organic cotton clothing. We are organic linen clothing. We are 100% natural clothing. Oh, and bed, bath, kitchen and home products, too! All chemical-free, hypo-allergenic, and sweatshop-free.

It started with our low tolerance for and high aversion to chemicals. Because we were chemically sensitive, we needed to find stuff that didn't trigger allergic reactions - nasty stuff routinely used to manufacture regular clothing, like formaldehyde, dioxin, toxic dyes, heavy metals, etc. Failing to find suitable natural products that met our purity and sustainability needs, we started making organic cotton, linen, and hemp products in 1997. We have grown to over 1,000 organic products since.

All the products we offer are sweatshop-free. We make our chemical-free organic cotton, linen, and hemp products here in the USA, Canada, and Europe, and NOT *you know where*. Our organic products are free of all the nasties like BPA, PVC, petrochemical dyes, flame-retardant chemicals, wrinkle-proofing chemicals, and animal cruelty. Pretty neat, eh?

Our ethical organic cotton, linen and hemp products are designed for (and by) chemically sensitive people with compromised immune systems and people who have undergone surgeries & chemotherapy. But that also makes our products great for everyone else, too, since it's not just what's in our clothing and bedding (all the organic goodies) that matters. It's what's been excluded (like all the nasties) that matter more. It's never a good idea to expose yourself to industrial and household chemicals, period. Don't wait until allergies come calling. Prevent them by going pure!

Over the years, our customers have found amazing uses for the organic products we put out: from busy executives in big cities (hemp suits), to yogis meditating in caverns (hemp yoga mat & clothing), to MCS folks trying to fend off the chemical world (organic undies & socks), to posh organic resorts around the world (hemp shower curtains & organic mattresses, towels and bed linens), to entrepreneurs making hiking sandals, candles, and dog toys (hemp ropes & twines), to couples exchanging vows in hemp attire (the whole nine "hemp" yards). You are what you eat (eat fresh organic foods). You are what you wear (wear organic chemical-free clothes). It's that simple.

As a small-scale manufacturer, we are able to pay attention to all the little details that matter. Like finishing our fabrics in Germany, with its stringent environmental regulations. Or combing our hemp to achieve soft fiber instead of breaking it down with acids like they often do at overseas factories. Visit our Help Page to find out why we don't carry bamboo, soy, or tencel products.

We ship worldwide. How long does it take a package to get to you? We ship out orders the same business day.

We exist because you exist. We continue to exist because you care.

Thank you for making it possible to dream of a better future.

More about Rawganique's raw, organic, unique hypoallergenic productsHere's to the caring ones. We at Rawganique belong to a larger web community that cares about the environment, animal welfare, and human dignity. We believe in equality and sustainability.

Are you looking to simplify your life? To purify your home and wardrobe? Are you concerned about chemicals in conventional clothing, bedding, bags, and footwear? Are you a supporter of organic foods and starting to wonder if your clothes should be organically grown, too? Are you fed up that so many products are made in sweatshops? So are we! Are you intrigued by the possibilities of hemp and linen? Have you got MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities), TILT - Toxicant-induced loss of tolerance, skin allergies, or undergone radiation or chemotherapy and need hypo-allergenic clothing & bedding? You've come to the right place!

We are a small manufacturer of 1,000 unique organic cotton, linen, & hemp clothing, footwear, bed, bath, kitchen, ropes, fabrics, twines, braided cords, webbing, paper, bodycare products and more. Since 1997, our focus has been purity and environmental sustainability: we grow, weave, knit, and sew in-house for true end-to-end accountability. Our sweatshop-free organic products are made in USA, Canada, and our atelier in Europe, where 50 artisans and staff hand-craft each eco-friendly garment and pair of shoes with dedication and pride. It's a labor-intensive creation process, utilizing Old-World heritage methods (we make use of modern equipment, too, of course).

We make our organic cotton, linen, and hemp products as pure as possible so that people with chemical sensitivities and aversion to toxins can live life without worrying about contamination (yay!). We work only with the purest organic natural fibers for your peace of mind: organic cotton, linen, hemp, and repurposed cruelty-free wool. Our guiding thoughts have always been: how can we make this like 200 years ago, before most toxic industrial chemicals existed?

Since 1995, we have been homesteading off-the-grid on Denman Island, a small Gulf island in the Strait of Georgia. We grow our own organic foods year-round and tend to a plethora of feisty rescued pet animals. Life is good! We are grateful that we can continue to pursue our homesteading ways while being able to do what we love, which is making pure organic cotton, linen, and hemp products for people who need and want them. Thank you for sharing our hopes, dreams, and vision all these years! Read more in About Us.

Rawganique's Sweatshop-free ManufacturingOur Sweatshop-free Manufacturing Our team of 50 are our family. Most have been with us from the beginning. (Many of our customers have also been with us from the beginning, so they are like family to us, too.) Each is dedicated to making the purest and most sustainable organic cotton, linen, and hemp clothing and footwear products imaginable. We constantly innovate, bringing to market unique products such as 100% hemp knits, 100% linen knits, stiff unwashed hemp canvas (for bags), 100% organic cotton fleece that is brushed on both sides, hemp shoes with natural rubber sole, and silky-soft single-ply hemp knit, which is perfect for breathable undergarments.

Our Organic Lifestyle And Chemical-free Products Are Inspired By:

"I have purchased products with you in the past and have always been overly satisfied! Thank you for doing all that you are. :)" — From K. E.

"Just wanted to say, I Love your business model! Thank you for having the "go-get it" attitude for bringing this to market. :-) And live chat!? Neato. Thank you again for offering such great products — a breath of fresh air on all counts. Cheers from Vancouver, CA."

"First of all, thank you so much for providing all the products you do...they’ve saved my life! My MCS has been very severe and I have really bad dermatitis. Your clothing works." — Pam B.

"Thank you for getting back to me so fast. I love all your products; I understand how much labor goes into everything you make. I have no issues waiting for quality hand made shoes:) Hope you have a good week and a happy hempy new year!" — Matt B.

"Honestly, finding Rawganique has given me something good to think about everyday. I go about my day knowing that people have made a huge effort so we can wear clothes that are great for the environment and fantastic for ourselves. Thank you." — From Simon Ferguson, Auckland, New Zealand"




LIVE LIFE SIMPLY. Made in USA & Europe by Rawganique. Since 1997.

Organic cotton, linen, hemp clothing, footwear, and home products.


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