73.5x72 Organic Hemp Shower Curtain (Full Size) (PVC-Free, Plastic-free, Vinyl-free) (100% Biodegradable) (MONTEBELLO)

100% organic hemp shower curtain - a customer favorite since 1997. Our heritage-style 100% biodegradable organic hemp shower curtain adds rustic texture & interest...
from $99.00

48x72 Hemp Shower Curtain 100% Organic (PVC-free, Plastic-free, Vinyl-free) (Stall Size) (100% Biodegradable) (MONTEBELLO)

100% organic hemp shower curtain - a customer favorite since 1997! This rare hypoallergenic 100% biodegradable plastic-free 100% organic hemp curtain can be hung...
from $79.00

Hemp Macrame Curtain Rings with Wooden Button (12) (Handmade) (100% Biodegradable)

Our 100% organic hemp macrame rings are handmade from 100% organic hemp and wood and are 100% biodegradable. Set of 12. Wooden buttons. All-natural...

Montebello 24" x 72" Organic Hemp Curtain with rings (Mini Stall Shower or Draperies)

PVC-free and chemical-free. 1) Use with or without a liner 2) Can use our 100% natural wax to waterproof the curtain. Wax the water...

100% Organic Cotton Shower Curtain | Draperies (PVC-free, Plastic-free, Vinyl-free) (100% Biodegradable) (CARMEL)

100% organic cotton shower curtains and draperies, in two sizes: stall (48" x 72") and full (73.5" X 72") sizes and for window treatments....
from $79.00

73x72 100% Organic Linen Shower Curtain / Draperies (Full Size) (No Vinyl, No PVC, No Plastic) (100% Biodegradable) (HALSTED)

100% organic linen shower curtain and draperies - 100% biodegradable! PVC-free and chemical-free. Please watch VDO in Image Gallery for more info. 1) Use...
from $109.00


We make organic clothing that's safe for you and for the planet. We grow, weave, knit and sew unique organic cotton, linen and hemp products in-house for true purity. Our goal is to make products that are as natural, raw, and untreated as possible. Small by choice since 1997.
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