Why Organic Cotton?

Why organic cotton?

Conventional Non-Organic Green Cotton:

Conventional cotton underwear is processed with chlorine bleach. Hydrogen Peroxide and formaldehyde is also applied in the processing of the fabrics.

Dioxin is a carcinogen that is derived from chlorine bleach and is responsible for hormone disruption.

The dyeing process of conventional cotton fabrics uses heavy metals that are harmful carcinogens.

Conventional cotton production accounts for more than 10 percent of pesticide used and nearly 23 percent of agricultural insecticide sales.

It takes one-quarter of a pound of chemicals to produce one conventional cotton T-shirt, and one-quarter of a pound of chemicals to produce 2 pairs of conventional men's boxer shorts.

Cotton pesticides can enter the human food chain via cotton seed oil used in processed foods. The meat and dairy products from cows fed cottonseed meal, trash from cotton gins and cotton straw may also contain pesticides that were applied to cotton.

Contamination of ground water is directly linked to pesticide & fertilizer used on cotton crops. Nitrates found in these fertilizers are found to cause "blue baby syndrome" in infants.

Use of chemicals in processing weakens the fibers and therefore conventional cotton products wear out faster than organic cotton ones.

Conventional cotton growing is heavily subsidized by public funds, hence the deceptively low price of conventional cotton, but at what cost? The toll on the environment is not reflected in conventional cotton prices.

Organic Cotton:

Organic cotton does not use any of the myriad synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on offer today.|

Growing the cotton crop organically does not damage the soil, environment, or human health.

Organic cotton farming does not poison farm workers or their families.

Organic certification organizations do not allow genetically modified (GMO) fiber to be labeled organic, therefore our organic cotton products are certified GMO-free.

Purchasing 2 organic cotton men's boxer briefs will eliminate one fourth of a pound of chemicals that would be used to produce the same underwear using conventional cotton.

Buying organic will aid in the reduction of "blue baby syndrome" among infants.

Organic cotton is stronger because there has been no damage to the natural fibers from chemical processing.

Organic cotton is so soft, pure, cozy, and comfortable. Who needs chemicals?

Organic cotton farming is not subsidized by the government and needs our support to stay alive. Let's show Mother Earth we care, wear organic cotton, wear hemp!

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