Organic Cotton and Hemp Insoles

Breathable, all natural fiber insoles made of organic cotton and hemp. Choice of regular and extra thick for hemp insoles, and twill and fleece for organic cotton. All made sweatshop-free inhouse at our Atelier in Europe. Since 1997, we have been making the purest, most breathable and sustainable natural footwear.


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OKANAGAN Organic Hemp Insole Footbed (Regular)

Natural or Color (which is wildcard and can be a brown or black pair, depending on stock). Unique organic hemp insole / footbed. No...

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MALAHAT Elastic-free 100% Organic Cotton Fleece Booties Socks Slippers (Unisex)

In highest demand: we keep making these elastic-free, polyester-free 100% organic cotton sock booties and customers keep selling us out. Thank you for your...

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Rainforest Charcoal / 36 EU (Wn 5-5.5 US) $26.00 Rainforest Charcoal / 37 EU (Wn 6-6.5 US) $26.00 Rainforest Charcoal / 38 EU (Wn 7-7.5 US) - Sold out $26.00 Rainforest Charcoal / 39 EU (Wn 8-8.5 US) $26.00 Rainforest Charcoal / 40 EU (Wn 9-9.5 US) (Mn 7-7.5 US) $26.00 Rainforest Charcoal / 41 EU (Wn 10-10.5 US) (Mn 8-8.5 US) $26.00 Rainforest Charcoal / 42 EU (Mn 9-9.5 US) $26.00 Rainforest Charcoal / 43 EU (Mn 10-10.5 US) $26.00 Rainforest Charcoal / 45 EU (Mn 12-12.5 US) $26.00 Rainforest Charcoal / 46 EU (Mn 13-13.5 US) $26.00 Rainforest Charcoal / 44 EU (Mn 10-10.5 US) $26.00 Natural / 36 EU (Wn 5-5.5 US) - Sold out $26.00 Natural / 37 EU (Wn 6-6.5 US) $26.00 Natural / 38 EU (Wn 7-7.5 US) $26.00 Natural / 39 EU (Wn 8-8.5 US) $26.00 Natural / 40 EU (Wn 9-9.5 US) (Mn 7-7.5 US) - Sold out $26.00 Natural / 41 EU (Wn 10-10.5 US) (Mn 8-8.5 US) $26.00 Natural / 42 EU (Mn 9-9.5 US) $26.00 Natural / 43 EU (Mn 10-10.5 US) $26.00 Natural / 44 EU (Mn 11-11.5 US) $26.00 Natural / 45 EU (Mn 12-12.5 US) $26.00 Natural / 46 EU (Mn 13-13.5 US) $26.00 Black / 36 EU (Wn 5-5.5 US) - Sold out $26.00 Black / 37 EU (Wn 6-6.5 US) - Sold out $26.00 Black / 38 EU (Wn 7-7.5 US) - Sold out $26.00 Black / 39 EU (Wn 8-8.5 US) - Sold out $26.00 Black / 40 EU (Wn 9-9.5 US) (Mn 7-7.5 US) - Sold out $26.00 Black / 41 EU (Wn 10-10.5 US) (Mn 8-8.5 US) $26.00 Black / 42 EU (Mn 9-9.5 US) $26.00 Black / 43 EU (Mn 10-10.5 US) $26.00 Black / 44 EU (Mn 11-11.5 US) $26.00 Black / 45 EU (Mn 12-12.5 US) $26.00 Black / 46 EU (Mn 13-13.5 US) $26.00
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STANLEY PARK Organic Hemp Insole Footbed (Extra Thick)

World's first and only organic hemp insoles with no plastic, PVC, vinyl, polyester or toxic chemicals. Natural or Color (color is wildcard and can...
$23.00 $22.95

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STEPPENWOLF Organic Cotton Fleece Insole Footbed (Regular)

World's first organic cotton insole, chemical-free. No PVC, no polyester, no vinyl, no plastic. 100% organic cotton fleece top layer, 100% natural rubber in...

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POTSDAM Organic Cotton Twill Insole Footbed (Extra Thick)

These insoles are very special: they contain no PVC, no polyester, no plastic, no vinyl, no chemicals. Rare & unique organic cotton insole: 100%...

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The Unicorn of The Garment Industry


We make organic clothing that's safe for you and for the planet. We grow, weave, knit and sew unique organic cotton, linen and hemp products in-house for true purity. Our goal is to make products that are as natural, raw, and untreated as possible. Small by choice since 1997.

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Featuring elastic-free and plastic-free organic cotton, linen and hemp clothing, footwear, bed, bath and home products made in USA & Europe without toxic chemicals or toxic dyes.  We use natural coconut and tagua nut buttons to make our sweatshop-free products that are safe for humans and the planet. Since 1997. No PVC, no dioxin, no BPA, no GMO, pesticides, no toxic industrial chemicals, no formaldehyde, no PFAS. We use organic cotton threads to sew most of our organic underwear, face mask and loungewear collection.

Rawganique Organic Cotton Linen Hemp Clothing

"I had been looking to go plastic-free for a long time. When my girlfriend ran into your Blaine store and told me about you,  I was like WOW! I have bought your hemp shower curtain (goodbye PVC!), clothing, shoes, towels and bed sheets and am on the way to a plastic-free lifestyle of my dreams. Your underwear is exceptional. Thank you for what you do." 

Bob Williams Seattle, WA

Did you know that you can use our 100% natural wax to waterproof any of our shoes, hats, jackets, coats, bags, and even the hemp shower curtain. It's simple, takes minutes, and will allow you to brave any kind of weather in your organic cotton, linen and hemp gear.


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OKANAGAN Organic Hemp Insole Footbed (Regular)


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