KYOTO 100% Organic Hemp Slippers For Men & Women

100% organic hemp house slippers with 100% hemp uppers, footbed and padding. With back straps. Wn 5-10 I Mn 7-13.5. Natural, Black. Closeout - While supplies...

CAPE TOWN Glue-Free Hemp Sandals (Unisex) (Discontinued)

Organic hemp sandals that are glue-free and handmade at Rawganique Atelier for true purity. Breathable for healthy feet. Women's 5 - 11. Men's 7...

FLAGSTAFF Handmade Hemp Sandals (36EU - 41EU Women's 5 - Men's 8) (Discontinued)

Handmade organic hemp sandals featuring hemp and natural cork footbed. Wn 5-10. Natural, Black. Scroll down for video. Available while supplies last. Natural Rubber...

BAHAMAS Hemp Flip-Flops Classic Design (No Lace)

Organic hemp thong-type sandals featuring pure natural rubber soles. Skin-friendly & breathable for dry, healthy feet. Women's 6 - 12; Men's 7.5 - 13.5. Black. Made...

BOARDWALK Organic Hemp Sandals (Unisex)

Handmade organically grown hemp lace-up sandals. Lace them up any way you like (or not). Hand-cut natural rubber sole. Wn 5 - 10; Mn...

OKINAWA Indoor/Outdoor Hemp Slippers (Natural Rubber Soles) (Unisex)

Versatile hemp slippers, like our Tokyo hemp house slippers but with 100% natural rubber soles for inside/outside use. All-natural. 100% hemp uppers, 100% hemp...
from $79.97

MAHLER Zero Drop 100% Hemp Moc House Shoes Slippers (Unisex) (Indoor/Outdoor)

100% organic hemp shoes with pure natural rubber soles. Indoor or outdoor. No elastic. Unisex. Zero drop. Adjustable velcro closure.  Handmade Organic Hemp House...

GLUCK Glue-free 100% Hemp Moc House Shoes Grounding Slippers (Unisex)

100% organic hemp shoes with replaceable organic hemp/organic cotton fleece insoles. Perfect for grounding. No elastic. No glue. In recent productions, we have been...
from $19.00

MONTAGNE Hemp Crossover Huarache Sandals (Natural Rubber Soles) (Closeout)

Handmade organic hemp huarache sandals, featuring hand-cut natural rubber soles. Hemp Crossover Huarache Sandals With Natural Rubber Sole The Hemp Crossover Huarache Sandals feature...

Organic Hemp Thong Flip-Flops Sandals (BAHAMAS Lace Edition; Unisex)

Organic hemp thong sandals, featuring loops for lacing up whenever you need a more hugging fit (you don't need to use the laces). Natural...

SEAWALL Organic Hemp Lace-up Sandals (Unisex)

Handmade organic hemp sandals, with laces so you can lace up any way you want (or not). Hand-cut natural rubber sole. Natural, Black, Bright...

MONTAGNE Lace Edition Handmade Organic Hemp Crossover Huarache Sandals (Unisex)

Breathable for healthy feet. Handmade organic hemp juarache huarahe sandals with hand-cut natural rubber soles. Women's 6-12 I Men's 7-13.  Hemp Crossover Sandals in...

OREGON Unisex Organic Hemp Clogs Sandals

Refined, elegant, cozy, pure. Handmade 100% organic European hemp sandals - indoor/outdoor slippers with semi-flexible rubber-composite soles. For wearing inside the house or outside in the...

COLORADO SPRINGS Organic Linen Clogs Slipon Mules (Natural Rubber Soles) (Men's 7-13)

Organic linen clogs / slip-on mules, handmade at Rawganique Atelier for true purity. Refined, elegant, cozy, pure. 100% organic linen slip-on mules - sandals...

BEACON HILL Hemp Crossover Hurache Sandals

Handmade organic hemp sandals, featuring recycled rubber tires. Discontinued. While supplies last. Women's 4-12; Men's 7-13. Natural, Black, Brown. Vegan Hemp Crossover Sandals With Recycled...
$69.90 $49.97
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OREGON TRAIL Handmade Hemp Sandals (37 - 40 Women's 6 - Men's 7)

Handmade 100% organic hemp sandals with cork footbed and 100% natural rubber sole. Adjustable top strap with velcro closure. The cork shapes to your...

HELEN OF TROY Handmade Women's Organic Hemp Sandals (Natural Rubber Soles)

Handmade women's hemp lace sandals, featuring petrified fossilized hemp stalk button.  Natural or Black. Women's 5-10.5. Women's Hemp Sandals Women's organic hemp sandals with a difference....
LISBON Women's Glue-Free Hemp Sandals (Women's Sizes) LISBON Women's Glue-Free Hemp Sandals (Women's Sizes) Quick View

LISBON Women's Glue-Free Hemp Sandals (Women's Sizes)

Handmade glue-free ladies' hemp sandals. Adjustable ties. Closeout - while supply lasts. Wn 5-5.5. Breathability for healthy feet. Natural. No Carba mix. Hemp Lace Strap Glue-Free...


We make organic clothing that's safe for you and for the planet. We grow, weave, knit and sew unique organic cotton, linen and hemp products in-house for true purity. Our goal is to make products that are as natural, raw, and untreated as possible. Small by choice since 1997.
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