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How To Waterproof Rawganique's Hemp Shoes, Boots, Bags, Hats, Clothing & Jackets

Rawganique was founded in the Pacific Northwest in 1997, so it comes as no surprise that we have had to come with ways to waterproof our organic cotton, linen and hemp products in our rainy Pacific Northwest winters as our love of hemp won't allow us to go a day without wearing hemp clothing and shoes and bags.

While there are many different options for waxing fabric canvases, we have opted for the most natural of them by choosing Otter Wax which is made in Oregon from sustainably sourced beeswax and lanolin.

Here are the simple steps to make your Rawganique hemp shoes, bags, hats, clothing, and jacket waterproof.

One word of warning before we begin: waxing undyed natural color organic cotton, linen, and hemp products will darken them and give them a amber tint. See photos below. Darker color products, on the other hand, will look essentially the same after waxing and polishing.

Step 1: Use the heat-activated fabric wax or wax bar (recommended) to apply the wax on products

For centuries, people have worn hemp footwear and outerwear as protection against the elements, and even in wet climates or sailing the oceans. This would not have been possible without being able to waterproof the hemp canvas the products are made of.


Here we provide you with information and materials to waterproof your Rawganique hemp footwear, hats & jackets, which will make you enjoy them much more and increase their useful life span.


This step-by-step guide lays out what you need, where to buy it, and how to waterproof your hemp canvas products. To purchase the non-toxic natural wax bars for waterproofing your hemp shoes, click here.

  • On what kinds of fabrics can I apply the waterproofing wax?
Our Fabric Wax and Fabric Dressing will work on most any type of fabric. Because our wax is made from all-natural ingredients, it will generally bond best with natural fibers (cotton, hemp, etc., however it is also very effective on blended fabrics where the proportion of natural fiber to synthetic is in the majority.
  • What happens to the color of fabric when it is waxed?
Waxing fabric will darken the color of a fabric and give it a light shine. A distressed appearance and color variance is typical, so we always recommend testing our wax on a small inconspicuous area before waxing a larger area to ensure that the desired appearance will be achieved.
  • How much wax do I need?
There are several factors to consider when deciding how much wax you’ll need to purchase to finish a project. We recommend the regular 2.25oz bars for smaller projects such as waxing caps, shoes, bags, etc. The large 5oz bar is best suited for projects such as jackets, pants, etc. As a general rule of thumb, plan on using more wax to treat un-waxed or oiled fabrics. Factory-waxed fabrics are already saturated with wax, so will not absorb as much as an untreated fabric. Also consider the nap or weave of the fabric. Thick, unwaxed canvas (such as a Carhartt jacket) will absorb a lot of wax for the first application, but will require less in subsequent applications.
  • How often do I need to reapply the waterproofing wax?
Our Fabric Wax and Fabric Dressing are semi-permanent wax applications. This means that our waxes will remain bonded with fabric indefinitely, but may require a periodic touch-up in order to maintain its waterproofing ability. We recommend reapplying our waxes once a year, however certain "high-stress" areas of a garment, such as the hood of a raincoat or the knees of a pant may require a touching up more often.
  • Can I wash an item that had been waxed?
Our waterproofing waxes also act as a protective barrier against dirt, dust, and debris. Using a natural bristle brush is a great way to keep an item clean and also helps to smooth away the wax creases that may appear in "high-stress" areas. We recommend washing waxed fabrics with soap and water as infrequently as possible. When washing is necessary, we recommend proceeding with patience and caution.
  • How do I wash a waxed garment?
If spot cleaning the outside of a waxed item, dip a rag or soft-bristle brush into a mix of 16oz cold water and 2tbsp of our Canvas Cleaner and gently scrub until stain is removed. Allow cleaned area to completely dry, and reapply wax as needed. If washing an entire garment, fill a large bucket with cold water, and 4tbsp of our Canvas Cleaner. Turn item inside out and submerge completely. While item is submerged, use a rag or soft-bristle brush to gently scrub the fabric. When finished, remove and allow water to drip back into bucket. Do not bend or twist fabric to remove excess water. Keeping the garment turned inside-out, hang in a warm and dry place. When item is completely dry, turn right-side out and reapply wax to any areas where necessary.





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